As promised, here are some photos from the recent Bellevue Arts Museum's (BAM) first Finally Friday event, a party where they celebrated recently opened exhibits such as the shoe designs of the fashion forward Beth Levine. To keep the stylish theme, BAM's Finally Friday also featured a runway fashion show, organized by Steven Matsumoto and his team at Stigmare Couture Marketing, featuring the works of local Seattle designers: Poirier Couture, Built for Man, Bri Seeley, Last Wear and Neodandi Couture. 

Because this Bird understands the power of a picture being worth a thousand words, I'll just let the clothing speak for themselves, showing off a small sample of the stylish talent we are lucky enough to have in the Emerald City.

Here are some of the strong, feminine designs from Poirier Couture:

Here are a couple of the dramatic pieces from Built for Man:

Feminine silhouettes mixed with menswear fabric - pieces from Bri Seeley Designs

Steampunk style, fresh from the pages of Jules Verne, the look of Last Wear:

Ethereal and ghostly, the hauntingly beautiful work of Neodandi Couture:

Much Jaunty Thanks to the Bellevue Arts Museum and their sponsors for helping to put together such a stylish Finally Friday event! And the tipping of a Jaunty hat to Stigmare for organizing such a great sampling of Seattle designers. Still wanting more fresh fashion from the Pacific Northwest? Keep an eye out for the upcoming Emerald City Fashion Week!

Jaunty Fine Print: photos by Denise Sakaki

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  1. Oh wow your photos came out great! It was great seeing you and I really
    do love the bangs!

  2. I think you captured this event so incredibly well! You've made me kick my injured self for not being able to make it!

    Thank you for continuing to comment on my blog as well, my dear. I love hearing what you have to say!

    Miss you, and hope you're well. Hopefully we'll be able to meet up soon!


  3. So glad you covered this! Lovely photos


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