This Bird is now a Lady of Leisure and has been taking advantage of her spare time to really enjoy the holidays and keep a festive spirit. Sure, sure, I could be spending the days curled up on the couch watching The View, eating all the holiday treats that friends have been so kind to give (mmm... homemade chocolate-frosted biscotti!), but no, that is not the Jaunty Way! The icy-cold weather has been frightful, but the lack of rain has been delightful, so off the Magpie flew one evening, to get a glimpse of Seattle's Pike Place Market, bedecked in its holiday finery.

By the dying light of the sunset's glow, the neon flickers on and all the extra little holiday decorations light up the Market. On weeknights, it's mostly neighborhood foot traffic, so there's no tourist-catcalling with thrown fish, just people wanting to do their after-work shopping. The seafood is still fresh, the produce even more crisp in the dry freezing air, and the smell of a warm supper from nearby restaurants is a tempting thing.

People bought fresh Christmas trees right at the main entrance of the Market. They're set up on the cobblestones and I saw people walking them back to nearby apartments, like a scene from a movie. Walking further north, away from the Market, I get to the Belltown neighborhood. I caught sight of a shop that had a window display to charm any sweet tooth -- clothing made of candy! Pure, sugary heaven! It was a wonderful dessert for the eyes, finishing off a holiday feast for the senses. If you live in the area, I recommend a brisk winter walk up and down First, to feel Seattle's holiday spirit. Even if you live in another city, find a favorite main street downtown and find some seasonal cheer.

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  1. AH! How delightful is that window display!?!? Where was that. I must go.

    Isn't this time of year so wonderful. I have been stopping by the Kettle Corn booth across from Westlake Center at least once a week... Hey, Christmas comes one time a year right?

  2. Sounds lovely... I can't wait to be out of school, and have plenty of free time to go down there!

  3. Good for you for enjoying your time- post lots about your adventures so that those of us dying for a little leisure can live vicariously through you!

    Weekday evenings are the best for the Market. I like watching all of the vendors close up for the night. Products swiftly vanishing, crowds dissipating, then spooky silence. Magic!

    Since you're free as a bird, let me know if you feel like a leisurely coffee or cocktail :)

  4. Glad we have time off this time of year to enjoy the season. The Market is simply inspiring. R&R

  5. The candy dresses are gorgeous! Nice shot :)

  6. a Red Vines dress...who knew!
    what a lovely post and gorgeous photos to accompany. hope you continue to enjoy the holiday season!!

  7. I love that window! I saw that the other day en route to happy hour... simply delectable!

    Great post, its inspired me to get bundled up and enjoy a holiday stroll!

    Emerald Dandy

  8. Weeping on my computer key's...
    My youngest leaves for Seattle on Thursday evening. Another Christmas away from home for me. Thanks for the lovely photos & enjoy the 'fabulousness' of this holiday season. xx


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