While it's true this Bird tends to stick to wearables, I-Spy-With-My-Jaunty-Beady-Eye caught on the sparkle of a well-dressed table. Whether it's for a dinner party or just a quiet meal for two, there's no reason the dining table can't be as well dressed as its guests. And that doesn't mean a pristine starched tablecloth, fine china, and polished silver. The most successful dinners are ones where the conversation keeps moving, and with these gems from the store Acacia, no one will find a lack of things to comment about.

Seriously, these things could make a meal of grilled cheese sandwiches into a dining experience, as everything here addresses what the food sits on, lighting the mood, and then a flourish on an effervescent cocktail. I love how the votive holders look as though they're carved from petrified wood. And the Wild Hibiscus flowers remind me of tea blooms, except these are meant to sit in my favorite thing, a glass of bubbly, while the syrup tints the drink and the edible flowers unfurl. {1} Nesting mugs and plates, {2} Wild Hibiscus flowers in syrup, {3} Alabaster glass votive holders.

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  1. I've never seen anything like those hibiscus flowers before! I feel compelled to buy some... though they would only be beautifying my solo gin + champagne cocktails!

    *Bookmarking for when I have a social life again*

  2. what a great collection of beautiful, fanciful things. i *must* have those flowers for new year's, i love anything 'bird' and those votives are so dreamy... as always, you find just the right mix of pretty+whimsy!

  3. Swoon! That table is so pretty; I adore the color of the plates.

  4. So pretty. The food is important but so is the presentation. These plates are so beautiful. I think I would eat super fast just so I could see their beauty. LOL!


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