Before there was Team Edward vs. Team Jacob, there was the true original rivalry, one whose regal cattiness defied all prepubescent hormones. Team Alexis vs. Team Krystle from TV's 1980s-a-licious Dynasty. Boys, step aside, as biotches with sequins and shoulder pads totally rule.

Not totally languishing in Lady of Leisure status, this Bird has been keeping the television on while puttering about the homestead doing holiday tasks like baking and cooking. Daytime television becomes like a treasure trove of random finds like Danielle Steele miniseries, and yes, a little bit of Dynasty luxe. I was never a huge fan of the series when it was on; I thought the physical fights between Alexis and Krystle were awesomely ridiculous, but all the drama in between seemed boring. I'm still uninterested in the petty squabbles, but watching those old episodes now, one can't help but feel inspired by the boldness of the costuming on those shows!

Granted, this Bird isn't going off to any soiree that would require a full-length slinky gown covered in sequins and shoulders a mile high, but the 80s definitely inspired this outfit pulled from the Jaunty Wardrobe. Bold printed strapless dress and wide snakeskin belt from Express, rad bright pink tights (Forever 21), black sports jacket from Benneton, and black suede booties from The Bay. The 80s were all about piling on the accessories, so throw on some vintage jewelry, silk scarf (a gift), chain strap bag (vintage), and little silver glovelets (Nordstrom).

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  1. Great style - Not a huge fan of 80's style but you are changing my ways!!

  2. My Mom loved that show. Remember those shoulder pads? What a horrible idea! R&R

  3. oh Lady Bird! You've really done it on this one. A Dynasty inspired look! I love it! I would be very happy to see you wearing this the next time we cross paths. That Benneton coat is a great shape. Not not too short not too long. It's hard to find the longer length blazers in a fitted style. I actually have an oversized 80's blazer that I found at Value Village a few months back at the tailor right now being taken in on the sides to make it a little more fitted.

  4. Lol! Love that you did a dynasty post. I vaguely remember my mom watching it. Adore the inspiration pics..and the booties.
    I read from the post below that you're a lady of leisure..hahaha!We should meet for coffee!

  5. Oh man, all these teams lately... Love the gloves in this look. The colors and the glamour definitely=Dynasty.

  6. what a funny bird you are! have you watched the joan collins montage of looks/style? it's seriously like 10 minutes of her spinning around to face the camera in gloss, shoulder pads and fur. fun stuff. i remember on fridays my mom would watch dallas and then falcon crest. dynasty was a must watch too... like a soap at night!


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