BOO! Did the Magpie scare you? No..? Well, let me pull out my junior high photos with mall bangs and head-to-toe acid wash and then let me ask the question again. Oh for heaven's sake. There's no need to cower in the corner in a fetal position.

Sparing the good, decent public from an acid-washed fate, this Bird wanted to share some photos taken during the Halloween/Autumnal decoration of the Jaunty Household. A strand of silk leaf garland here, a scattering of styrofoam headstones for ghoulish flair, and a few yards of black lace for good measure -- voila, a Halloween wonderland! And a final flourish of a maribou bat headband to torment the fuzzy head of the household, Miss Indy. Happy Halloween, you style vamps!

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  1. Very lovely table-setting! Your dog is too sweet too.

  2. love the dog! there's no way i could have ever gotten my pooch to hold still for that... and the V masK! my husband has one of those... best costume i saw last night? karl lagerfeld! so good. hope you had a fun night!

  3. every time i scroll through JM, and get to this picture (the dog) i giggle. such a fortuitous capture. thanks for the smile!

  4. Indy was soooo not happy for this photo. Oh bless her fuzzy heart for being patient... and not jumping up and biting my face off out of spite. She got a good belly rub in appreciation, though!


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