Halloween on a Saturday is like your psyche going to Vegas for the weekend, so remember to let your freak flag fly! While this Bird is still recovering from a vacation hangover, her imagination is running wild, finding lots of spooky things to rev up her Halloween Mood. Not the typical jack-o-lanterns or candy corn crafts, these ghoulish lovelies are reminders to think beyond parlor tricks and saccharine treats. Let this Birdie know what you'll be for Halloween! {1} Dracula and Lucy illustration by Edward Gorey {2} Roi d'Osumilie pendant by Dior {3} Nocturnal Flight of the Time Key Artful Hardware Pendant by COGnitive Creations {4} Intarsia Noah Skull Breton sweater by Sibling {5} Gold Baby Vamp Rings by Bittersweets {6} Kabuki bottle openers at Paper Source {7} Fashion Artifacts by Una Burke, featured on MaFrangine {8} Louis Vuitton pumpkin by Paul Lowe, photographed by Colin Cooke, featured on Sweet Paul

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  1. LV pumpkin - cute! I'm excited for halloween, are you?

  2. i think the Dior pendant and the LV pumpkin are my favorites! now i have an idea for how to decorate my pumpkin at home!

  3. what are YOU going to be? : ) shalonne came up with the idea for me to be wednesday from the adams family... love it! that's my direction. and to have some fun that night... because you're right, halloween on a saturday is license to go a little crazy. have fun!

  4. I am excited for Halloween, Ive had a cold so am going to be scrounging for something to wear but I dont care.
    Love #5 and 7 - I would wear those even if it wasnt halloween!

    Glad I found your blog.

  5. Great post. Love your blog. 7 is great!


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