We'll dress like Minnie Pearl, just you and me, punk rock girl -- The Dead Milkmen composed the funny, off-beat soundtrack of my disillusioned hormonal youth, and Punk Rock Girl, probably one of their more widely-heard songs, is one of those ditties that becomes helplessly stuck in one's head. That, and the I Dream of Jeanie theme song.

The Magpie was slow to take on the return to the rocker-chic look that has made a comeback in recent times. Mostly because I was dressing a bit like this back in the rad old days of high school, usually worn with a scowl and unkempt hair, and I wasn't keen on returning to those days too soon. But I admit to being Inspired by the stylings of Lucky Magazine, a newsstand indulgence that I've been fortunate to peruse regularly via a magazine share amongst friends. In their September issue, their Rocking Out feature took the best of the rockin' past and made some really fun day and nighttime looks that made one truly feel like they could truly travel 'round the world, just you and me, punk rock girl.

Rummaged through this Bird's closet were the following finds: black sequined tank top, red tights, and faux snakeskin wide belt from Express; black blazer from Benetton; pewter faux croc skin flats from Piperlime; silver glovelets from Nordstrom. The plaid shirt was borrowed from Mr. Jaunty's wardrobe, the satin purse with the gold chain was a gift, the rhinestone pin on the jacket is vintage, and I can't recall where the tie-waist gray shorts came from, but it was most likely from the juniors section in Macys. I know Stacy London and Clinton Kelly from What Not to Wear bemoan the sin of shopping in the juniors' section, but I have to admit I find some cute, inexpensive things there!

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  1. I wanna see you wear that ;) so HOT

  2. I love Lucky Magazine, if not solely for the "I want it" tabs! It's the ultimate mag to leave hints about what you want. I love your interpretation of this look! I found the perfect leather jacket at Marshalls yesterday, but it was the only one in my size, and it had a weird silver scratch on the collar! I was so bummed because it's practically impossible to find a good fit. That was supposed to feed my inner rocker... :(

  3. oh man -- thwarted by a random scratch! If the leather was dark enough, sometimes you can use shoe polish to cover up random marks and scratches. It basically just restains the leather, but it works in a pinch.


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