The Magpie has flown the coop and taken a jaunt to the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) this weekend, in support of her game-playing/making Better Half, and the whole Runic Games team. In celebration of the Power of Geek, this nerdy birdy wishes to share her j'adoration of artist, Joanna Mulder, and her site, Joannarchy, as well as her recently-opened Etsy shop. Her gorgeous renderings make naughty catwomen purr for a saucer of milk and she's got t-shirts to inspire Wookies everywhere to run out and join the circus. Her website is full of amazing art, and the store offers nerd gear that appeals to the most discerning Trekker, looking for the latest accoutrements. Live long and prosper, Joannarchy, and thanks to all the cool people I met at PAX this weekend!

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