Fancy posts seek to profile shops and designers, both local and abroad, as well as feature unique finds that this bird has stumbled across. All objects of desire are celebrated, whether it's from Saville Row or independently crafted by hand. Why not peruse some of these Fancy posts?

Feel Inspired by outfits or trends shown in magazines, but feeling like you need to buy something new to capture that look? Put your pocketbook away and look no further than your own closet. This bird finds stylish inspirations and shops her closet, creating fashionable and wearable looks photographed from her own wardrobe. Take a look and get Inspired by your own treasures!

Sometimes a certain Mood strikes a jaunty bird, whether it's a song, a color, a place, or a state of mind. In a magpie-flurry of energy, treasures are collected and the many magpie Moods are created.

J'adore is in the air! And this bird isn't afraid to tell the world. These posts are art, music, objects or ideas of the moment. Anything caught in the mad flurry of passion, so it's anyone's guess over which of Cupid's Arrows will strike this bird's heart next!


Who is the Jaunty Magpie? If you scrolled down this far to find out, then you deserve to know I'm Denise, and I'm pleased to meet you down here at the bottom of the page. Here is a link to my Google profile page. Feel free to drop me a line at dsakaki at gmail dot com.


  1. Hi Denise, how funny I only discovered your other site just now. This is a new site I will be looking forward to apart from food. :D You're indeed a gifted and talented writer. You entertain me as well as inspire to write better.

  2. Hi, I help Marcia with marketing for Wileyware. Am hoping it's ok to have used your photo and made a link to your blog. @ http://wileyware.blogspot.com/2010/07/wonderful-mention-in-jaunty-magpie.html If not, let me know. albertkaufman@gmail.com

  3. What a great blog! It's so stylish, with beautiful photos and wonderful writing. I look forward to following in the future!

  4. Denise! I love your blog and I've only just looked at it for the past 10 minutes. Great sensibility, style and flair. Look forward to following your adventures! (Karen GB aka @nwfoodette)


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