Here are some shiny things that have caught the Magpie's eye.

:: life + style ::
Alexandra Hedin Design - beautiful ideas from a local lifestyle expert
Alix Rose - a daily dose of trends, editorials, and designer finds
Amy Atlas Events - party planner and designer; makes me want to have a party right now
The Clothes Horse - see the world through Rebecca's amazing, stylish vision
Cup of JO - writer and all-around style superwoman, Joanna Goddard knows what's good
Darrah's Dresser - observations and photography through the style looking glass
The Emerald Dandy - exploring Seattle as the new style hidden gem
I Am Style-ish - photographer and Seattle gal-about-town, this is a great collection of creativity
It's My Darlin - a daily dose of Seattle street style and some yummy local eats
J Crew Afficionada - a prepster's delight, in blog form
Needle + Thread - capturing Seattle street style - the Northwest Sartorialist
One Must Shock the Bourgeois - invigorating the people with creativity and inspiration every day
The Sartorialist - the Magpie's daily dose of urban eye candy
Seattle Fashion TV - Seattle's fashion news network
Superbetch - You bettah work that fierce style, betches!
Vue Society - Life and times of Bellevue's fashion expert

:: home + garden ::
Matte White - fresh and clean home decor exploring Scandinavian design
South Sound Garden - Ms. SSG, how does your garden grow? A PacNW gardenening blog.

:: keen artistry ::
GB Tran/Vietnamerica - the totally true story of a wily comic book illustrator
Joannarchy - burlesque, macabre, and funhouse fabulosity art by Joanna Mulder.
Maira Kalman & the Pursuit of Happiness - an illustrated intellectual journey through America
Monologue Photography - Seattle photographer Jeff Krahenbuhl knows how to make people look good!
Seeds and Fruit - be inspired by others' inspirations
Sweet Paul - food stylist Paul Lowe's blog of gorgeous edibles and crafty Fridays
Wil Freeborn - designer/illustrator in Scotland with lovely drawings and watercolors
Youa Kong Photography - a Seattle photographer with a keen eye for fashion

:: hand craft ::
Betz White - unique felted crafts and green-friendly projects
Poppytalk - for the love of all things well-designed, with an emphasis on handcrafted items

:: retail therapy ::
The Beautiful Life Blog - Ruth Harsham's blog featuring vintage and romantic-styled items
Frou Frou Fashionista - blog/shop featuring delicates and unnmentionables that deserve mentioning
NOTCOUTURE - a virtual bulletin board of stylish finds from all over the internet
Paper Source - my favorite paper store has a crafty blog full of sweet and charming ideas
Smoking Lily - smart, unique products from a lovely little shop in Canada

:: charming pastiche ::
All Things Lovely - the title covers it all, but you should see it for yourself!
Bedlam of Beefy - a blog too wonderful to put under any one category - thanks Uncle Beefy!
English Muse - fanciful loveliness ready to inspire your heart
Last Days of Light - photography, fashion and art - dare you not to feel inspired
Lobster and Swan - a daily dose of handcrafted art and creativity
Lost in the Forest - Beautiful thoughts and objects to decorate your day
Made By Girl - Jennifer Ramos is a creative force of nature
Radish and Rosé - movies, food, interiors and Clive Owen - what's not to love?
Style Just Be - Ms. SJBe's got a variety of things to share, from movies, to sports, to fashion.
What's Your Tale, Nightingale? - a blog as lovely and precious as tea and scones with Jane Austen

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  1. oh hey, you mentioned my blog! thank you!!! i'm honored!
    i am now 'officially' a follower of your blog!

  2. Thanks for mentioning My Darlin! Awfully nice of you my friend. Happy New Year and cheers to both of us learning all the bells and whistles of our lovely new cameras. So glad we met and that I found your blogs. I enjoy them both so much.


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