Indulge my Nerd-ness once again, if you will -- I'm totally digging on season 2 of SyFy Channel's Helix.  I've always been vocal about my nerd tendencies and a love of genre TV/movies/books, and I thought I'd share a bit of fan art I recently created, inspired by Helix's episodes so far. I also wanted to say a big THANKS to all the fellow fans (and even the actors and producers/writers!) who have been sharing and saying such nice things about the piece over Twitter -- glad people have liked it so much!

I think television content as a whole has gotten worlds better over the years with edgier material -- and no, I'm not counting Reality TV or shows where you sing for votes. I think one of the main reasons why Helix caught my attention was its unexpected plot directions -- first season I thought it was about a viral outbreak in the Arctic and CDC shenanigans ensue; it was, but became something very different. Second season has so far brought just as many unexpected turns of events, to the point where I would call it a totally different show, similar to the American Horror Story narrative, where you have the same cast, but a totally different situation per season. I won't spoil anything, but suffice it to say, I created this poster design based off all the information we've been given so far, everything in the design has a meaning -- and who knows, from the latest episodes aired, it may not even be relevant! 

I also just wanted to dive into a fun, layered photo collage project. No client, no deadline, just something that popped into my head as a visual idea, and taking to the interwebs for some image searching to help provide the raw materials. Creative exercises are a good thing, and it's totally worthwhile to just let the inspiration take you wherever it wants you to go, no matter how geeky it may be. Yes, this is my definition of "fun." Here's a look at the full piece:


Jaunty Fine Print: Photo illustration by Denise Sakaki (all photos from Helix/SyFy series and the Interwebz)

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