Apropos of absolutely nothing: here is a draw-ring.  I've never made it a secret that I'm a total TV Nerd, especially for genre/sci-fi series. Because honestly, REALITY IS BORING. Let's have ghosts, monsters, angels, demons, and an Apocalypse in a pear tree. I love the American-Revolutionary-War-goes-mystical series Sleepy Hollow, which recently introduced a new character, Orion the avenging, zealot-like angel, and I equally love Supernatural, a long-running show that Brock best describes as Flyover-State X-Files, which has featured longtime angel and Team Free Will cheerleader, Castiel

There's really not much else to say other than, if you watch both the shows, you'll totally get it. If not, I'm sorry I broke your mindgrape with this. And yes, this is what happens when I'm waiting for feedback between work emails. Productive, right?

Jaunty Fine Print: Illustration by Denise Sakaki

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