A Rare Moment of Sportsing: GO HAWKS 2015!!

Has the Bird gone TOTALLY MAD??  I am the last person on this planet to be crowing about any Sportsing of any sort, but I am a fan of Fandom, more specifically, the inspiring spirit of Seattle and its bear-hug embrace of the Seahawks. I don't know what Sunday will bring, but win or lose, let me say with all my heart: THANK YOU, to the team, its supporters, and most importantly, the whole Pac Northwest for rallying around the 12th Man spirit. I was so inspired by this outpouring of support that I actually put together a little video, compiled of Seahawks footage and photos, set to one of my favorite football movie scores, "Rudy," composed by Jerry Goldsmith. Because at the end of the day, it's always about the spirit and heart of a game.

Jaunty Fine Print: Video footage and photos from the Interwebs -- I don't own any of the material, but I did edit everything together

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