I have a love/hate relationship with Pumpkin Spice -- it doesn't help that it's become an unstoppable craze, starting to inundate the senses as early as August. I allow myself one pumpkin spice latte for the fall season (OK, maybe two), and it must be within the months of October through November, AND THAT'S IT. So for the rest of the non-pumpkin spice latte days, I would like to suggest ways to celebrate pumpkin spice in an everyday, visually flattering way, that doesn't make you smell like an air freshener. 

My Mood is still in an autumnal freefall.  Much like the pumpkin spice-everything that's crowding every grocery store/scented candle shelf, these items are 100% pumpkin-free. Oh, the irony. I have a personal love of the color orange, and while I wouldn't recommend rocking the color head-to-toe, lest you look like an actual pumpkin, I think in accessory-sized doses, pumpkin/orange is a way to spice up your wardrobe every day: {1} Orange Quartz Ring, {2} Make Up For Ever shadow in iridescent Pumpkin, {3} U-Play Additional Kit Medium watch in orange by Gucci, {4} Karen Walker Super Worship round-frame acetate sunglasses, {5} Tangerine Fedora by Anthropologie, {6} Julep Color Treat in Marjorie, {7} Sweet Plumage Loop Scarf by Anthropologie, {8} "So Kate" Watersnake Pumps by Christian Louboutin, {9} Orange Jade and Diamond Button  Earrings by Bochic, {10} Studs Nappa Quilted iPhone 5/5s Case in Orange by The Case Factory

Jaunty Fine Print: Images from shops listed above

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  1. holy cow those louboutin so kates are STUNNING! I don't even want to click and know how much...will have to admire them from afar...thanks for sharing your picks!



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