There's a movement to keep people from rushing away from the dinner table on Thanksgiving and rushing the stores for pre-Black Friday sales.  I'm not saying consumerism is evil, I totally get working on the holidays -- not everyone gets Thanksgiving or Christmas off, and working holidays means you're able to afford gifts and time off to spend with loved ones. But I am for the idea of not using the stores being open on holidays as an excuse to skip out on time with family and friends. Let's spend at least one day being thankful for the people around us -- this year has left me with the indelible feeling that life is short, too short.

I'm grateful to be able to take the Thanksgiving holiday off to spend with loved ones.  I'm not able to see family, it's too expensive to fly this time of year, and I get that not everyone has family or wants to spend time with them because they may be total lunatics. Totally understandable. But I'm making a point to settle into my food coma amongst friends, enjoying every moment of that freedom, and I truly hope you will too. Happy Turkeyday, y'all. 

Jaunty Fine Print: Photo Illustration by Denise Sakaki

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