As always, runway shows are inspiring, and this year's Independent Designer Runway Show was no exception.  It's wonderful to see such fresh, local designers who are making beautiful pieces and putting the Pacific Northwest on the fashion map.

Here's a sampling of each designer's pieces from each designer.  This year's Best in Show was Silvae by Deborah Roberts and the runner-up was Lu. by Jenny Fort. 

April Pride by April Pride - www.aprilpride.com

BOHO Republic by Tina Witherspoon - www.bohorepublic.com

Calotype by Kristie Metcalf - www.calotypedesign.com

CUDDY by Brian Cuddy - www.cuddystudios.com

Mia Fioravanti by Mia Fioravanti - www.miafioravanti.com

KLAD Apparel by Melanie Trygg - www.kladapparel.com

Lu. by Jenny Fort - www.thisislu.us

Rebekah Adams by Rebekah Adams - rebekahadams.com

Silvae by Deborah Roberts - www.silvaeofthewoods.com

Tom Ordonio by Tom Ordonio - www.tomordonio.com

Jaunty Fine Print: Photos by Denise Sakaki

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