Can't you tell? I'm totally feeling the springtime greens right now. I know I should be talking about cute dresses, shoes, or jewelry, but it's easy to forget that we are what we eat, and we wear those choices long after the heels pinch our feet and we slip into flats. Why not be as excited about eating our greens as we are wearing something green?

This seems like a total April Fools thing, but it's not -- I'm genuinely excited about all the fresh seasonal produce that's finally returning. Sure, you can buy almost anything out of season, but the lack of flavor and freshness from something sitting on a barge or picked too early and flown out on a plane is apparent. I was particularly inspired by asparagus. It's a J'adore-worthy vegetable that's delicious as it is photogenic -- it always makes for great photographs. Beautiful green color and those funky prehistoric-looking tops. And they always make me think of spring, which feels like the whole year is finally getting started. 

Good-for-you things I'm excited for include: 
  • More ingredients for salads - having a salad a day makes such a difference; good energy without a heavy feeling after a meal. 
  • Smoothies that aren't just full of kale - come on, you have to be tired of kale-everything by now. Admit it.
  • The return of the sun - not that we didn't have nice days through winter, but we've got a little more warmth to go with that big, glowing orb in the sky
  • Farmers Market Season! - shopping that's actually good for you! Take a handful of cash and a reuseable grocery bag or two, and just get what looks good or catches your eye -- it's the best way to eat.
Jaunty Fine Print: Photography by Denise Sakaki

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