Hear that sound? I think that was perhaps the door closing as Winter finally left the room.  I may have just jinxed us for a springtime freeze or a freak snowstorm to roll in, during the middle of April, but as I've been noticing on the rare sunny walks, it truly feels like Spring is, at last, in bloom.  

Just a short post this week -- I had to share this photo of a wee grape hyacinth about ready to bloom in our front yard. It had the last droplets of morning dew, and had miraculously survived the Hailstorm-pocalypse that pelted some areas in and around Seattle the day before. Total Pacific Northwest Spring to a "T" -- sunny and perfect one day, insane rain/hail another, and not everywhere, some areas didn't get a single hailstone. The weather can be prone to emotional fits, but this photo really captured my thoughts on Spring. It's something big that's about to happen. There's potential everywhere. The surroundings are changing, so you can't help but want to be a part of the transformation. And I J'adore every bit of it. 

Take a moment to stop and admire the flowers and leaves right this second -- the world is waking up, and it's literally changing with every day, with a whole new outfit, so make sure to admire it, and say how nice it looks today. 

Jaunty Fine Print: Photography by Denise Sakaki

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