Call it Procastination vs. Procrastination. It's taking me forever to get around to doing my taxes, but it took me EVEN LONGER to update my work portfolio. Like, a year. So I finally sat down one afternoon, in the rare lull of waiting for email feedback on a project, and dug through the last year of project work and whittled it down to some favorites. And finally, my online portfolio is up to date. For the most part. 

You know the saying - the cobbler's children have no shoes. It's so easy to put off your own personal work. Frankly, I'm amazed I keep up with two different blogs every week -- I must be nuts! But blogging is a pleasant, creative release, and when it comes to a professional work-related portfolio showing off your work, it's a little scary, trying to pick what projects you want to showcase. You're not just choosing projects that you like, you're curating an intent for future work that you'd like to take on. The PRESSURE!! 

But sometimes you just have to dive in when the moment strikes. Just do it, as the old Nike adage went. I'm very glad/relieved to say that I've posted over 20 new examples of project work, ranging from design, to illustration, to photography. Consider it a very large item on my Spring Cleaning list of To-Do's that's now crossed off. At least for another year. 

Feel free to browse denisesakaki.com to your heart's content -- it's the stuff I do when I'm not being a Jaunty Magpie. :)

Jaunty Fine Print: Images from denisesakaki.com

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