That Old Black Magic

Halloween is nearly here! It puts this Birdy in a spellbound Mood, thinking of gothic looks and dramatic statement accessories. Witches and spellcraft seems to be the supernatural trend these days, so I thought, what would a stylish, modern day gal who dabbles in the Black Arts wear? Only the best, of course.

I found some really fun pieces that evoked the All Hallows Eve Mood, but also a great excuse to vamp it up.  Snakes, snails and puppy dog tails have nothing on a (faux) leather dress or lacy top, or a serpentine white gold ring. Witchcraft just got a lot more chic: {1} Free People Not So Sweet Victorian top, {2} Dolce Vita Kadyn pump, {3} Ourobouros ring in white gold by New York Bittersweets, {4} Solange vegan leather dress, {5} Blow Up Pyramid leather stud statement ring by Vince Camuto in rich pine green and gold, {6} High Snobiety snake iPhone 5 case, {7} Zoe ring with three inverted diamonds by Alex and Chloe

Jaunty Fine Print: Images from shops listed above

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