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Yes, the Birdy is still on a runway photo-posting-whirlwind.  Bellevue Fashion Week may be over, but that's no excuse to throw on a fleece hoody, some ratty Uggs and forget about looking presentable. This is my last-hurrah post from this year's runway shows, where I was snap-snap-snapping away on the camera. Here's photos and themes from the big Front Row Fashion Show by Vogue Magazine.

All proceeds from this show went towards The Moyer Foundation, which helps children and families who are affected by loss or addiction. Ticket prices went towards the foundation, and judging from all the filled seats in the runway hall, it looked like another good year of pairing fashion with good causes.

Runway shows are modern theater, but they're also great opportunities to inspire.  Nothing too wild or crazy, these looks are styled from familiar retailers with a range of looks that go from everyday to evening wear. For the most part, every look here is something you can wear, and they're smart looks that go beyond a basic jeans-and-tee combination.

Layer it On: A lot of outerwear featured, but I like that there's some interesting layered looks with garments of different weight and material. I love anything that encourages me to WEAR EVERYTHING.

Rebel Moves: OK, this one was a little on the wild side. I'm not baring my navel anytime soon, but I'm glad someone is. These looks were just a fun 80s-style throwback.

Color Wheeling: I kind of loved everything in this group -- bright yellow and orange hues. Color blocking is still a great way to make a statement. The printed skirts and dresses were amazing.

Parlor Proper: They should have called this Bedroom Eyes. The pajama/lingerie look is definitely getting rocked; these were some of the more interesting outfits that didn't just look like you walked out wearing your jammies. A good reminder to choose this look with intent.

Perfect Pairings: Sweater-girls! Well, that's what I took away from this collection of looks. These outfits stood out the most among the lot; they were a creative pairing of patterned sweaters with other materials like leather and metallics to keep the look from coming across as too schoolgirlish.

Discreet Chic: Proof you don't have to show a ton of skin to make a fashion statement. A covered-up look that's composed of great patterns and material is more bold than you imagine; you won't drown in your clothes as long as they're fitted well.

P.M. Perfected: I was really glad to see that the big evening wear finale didn't look like a giant prom. The long gowns looked sophisticated and I love the cocktail length for evening -- it's not only practical, it just looks smart. Classic styles using unique fabrics or going with boots instead of a typical formal sandal keeps the look fresh.

Thanks for checking out this year's posts of Bellevue's Fashion Week -- the spotlights are turned off and the runway is set aside for another year, but the inspiration remains for staying creative for how we choose to face the day.

Jaunty Fine Print: Photos by Denise Sakaki

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