summer sunset

It's not over till we're swathed in Polartec, but the writing's on the wall -- summer is nearly over! But that's not to say this Birdy is not soaking up every gorgeous moment Mother Nature gifts us, especially after a spell of much-needed rainstorms. These dramatic summer skies have been incredible!

Summer storms are truly the best. It cools down the air just a bit, and the smell of an incoming storm is one of my favorite scents in the world -- that slightly damp, earthy smell seems so exotic after days of sunny, dry weather. The dark gray stormclouds are exciting to see rolling in, especially with the distant rumbles of thunder to heed their approach. 

There is nothing more inspiring or breathtaking than a grand sky, designed by Mother Nature; it's the one item you can't wear or buy, but if you're very lucky, you can capture a great shot of what can only be described as a fleeting miracle.

Jaunty Fine Print: Photo by Denise Sakaki

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