Season of InBetween

I'm starting to feel that slight chill in the air, and yet still able to wear shorts and flip-flops on warm afternoons - tis the season of InBetween. Not quite fall yet, and summer continues to linger, we're at the point where we don't want to mothball our warm weather clothes, but you don't want to haul out the wool coat, either. What to do? Light layers and celebrate those favorite summery pieces for their last, precious wearings for the year.

I find so much inspiration through clothing websites, catalogs, and of course, Pinterest. I like to just type in "layers" to see what Pins magically populate my page. Fashion blogs are great sources -- I find a lot through Pinterest these days. And all the fall catalogs are starting to come out, previewing what's to come.  I will forever love the layered styles of J. Crew -- I'm constantly browsing their site and re-subscribing to their catalog mailing list. Anthropologie, of course, has endless beautiful images. And it all gets stored into this Bird-Brain so that I can feel inspired to apply this knowledge to the Jaunty Wardrobe, as I start re-wiring the brain to start thinking of fall.

These were the things that caught my eye for this seasonal Mood of InBetween: {1} and {4} from J. Crew's Looks We Love, {2} Tavi Moto Jacket from Anthropologie, {3} layered look from Kittenhood blog, {5} Dip Dye scarf by Marc by Marc Jacobs

Jaunty Fine Print: Photos from shops/websites listed above

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