So.... the Birdy's going to get all sentimental and mushy for a moment, but I became the very happy owner of a beautiful piece of jewelry. No, no, don't start the wedding bells chiming, I was just very surprised by a heartfelt gift by Mister Magpie, and best of all, it wasn't for any reason, it was simply Just Because. And we're not into big-gesture gifts, so this was especially heartfelt, and he picked a piece from one of my favorite Seattle jewelry designers, Erin Jane. 
I've been an admirer of Erin Jane Designs jewelry for a while. Her pieces are gorgeously simple with an organic, handmade feel to some of the asymmetrical pieces. The metals are often lightly burnished, giving them a warm glow, making them look soft and natural when worn. The way the gemstones are presented, they can range from bold to incredibly delicate and nuanced. I like that she uses a lot of recycled metals, which is so very mindful, and it's nice to get a sense that the materials have a little mileage on them. The pieces are elegantly singular and suitable for everyday wear. She has a website that explains her process and background and her online shop is through Etsy 

The piece that recently caught my eye was an emerald in a cushion setting of brushed recycled gold. It meant the world to me that Brock saw how much I liked it and it was such a completely wonderful surprise to now have it on my hand as I type. I've always meant to share how much I enjoy Erin Jane's jewelry, and now I have an extra-special reason, now that I'm wearing one of her treasures. If you're looking for a special bit of sparkle, take a look at her pieces, I hope her jewelry makes you as happy as it's made me: {1} Colombian Emerald Ring in 14k gold and brushed matte finish, {2} Chocolate diamond and 14k gold wedding band in matte finish, {3} Rose-cut Labradorite ring in 14k gold and sterling, {4} Carnelian free-form rose-cut ring in brushed 14k gold, {5} Rutilated Quartz teardrop earrings in 14k gold fill, {6} Silver and gold bar bracelet with green sapphires 

Jaunty Fine Print: Photo on the left by Denise Sakaki, all images to the right from Erin Jane Designs

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