Ever wonder what the character Juno would be like in the world of A.A. Milne's Winnie the Pooh? Of course not, who thinks like that? I mean, besides me, while driving in the car one random day. I didn't draw this in the car, I'm pretty sure that would be as illegal as trying to text while driving, but the movie/children's book mashup stayed in my head long enough for me to see it through in the ol' sketchbook one afternoon. And so here it is!
Beyond the Disney-ification of Milne's original work, Winnie the Pooh has managed to be a postmodern mainstay in pop culture. We've seen the Tao of Pooh and countless other meme-ifications of the simple wisdom lying within the Hundred Acre Wood and that silly old bear. As children, we accept the simple exploits of a curious but impulse control-challenged stuffed toy bear, but as adults, the stories are laced with a touch of melancholy, a longing for simpler days and a yearning for a childhood maybe none of us ever truly had. Or maybe that's just me. And maybe that's why I drew this weird mashup of teenage pregnancy humor juxtaposed over a children's book world. Disturbing? Maybe a little. But I really liked the finished result, so much that it's been decorating my Facebook page banner for a while, so apologies if you've seen this before. 

But again, this is what blogs are for -- they are the butterfly net to catch whatever ideas are floating around in our heads, and this is what was floating in mine of late. As Pooh would say, "Oh, bother..."   

Jaunty Fine Print: illustration by Denise Sakaki, as inspired by the movie Juno and the work of A.A. Milne

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