There's no words that can ever explain or make sense of yesterday's tragedy at the Boston Marathon. Even as more facts are revealed from the information/misinformation overload that went on all through Monday, it will never truly make sense, so to be honest, I don't even bother trying to discern any scrap of logic in that chaos. But that doesn't mean sitting in sadness -- don't give in to anger or despair, let's get up and do something about it. Let's help where we can!
We can't predict the evil deeds of others, and we can't always prevent bad things from happening, but we can perform heroic acts in our own little ways, for a community in need and in your own city. Donate to aid groups in Boston and national groups like the Red Cross, who are assisting the recovery efforts. Emergency centers and blood banks are always in need of volunteers, donations and supplies -- do what you can in your own community so that your area is prepared, and that includes your police and fire departments. Support the first responders who run towards the danger and are heroes every day. There's been a lot of terrifying and overly-graphic images of injured victims of the Boston Marathon bombings -- this is traumatic for everyone. Check in on loved ones, offer a kind gesture. One can never be reminded too often that there are many good-hearted souls out there, and for that, hope will never be truly lost.  

It sounds so cheesy and corny, but it's when we lose our compassion and desire to help -- that's when the bad guys win. Unthinkable tragedies are reminders that we should all strive towards a bravery of heart and soul, and never allow despair to set in.

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