Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday dear Maggie-Pie... Happy ALMOST Birthday to Me. Let's just call it my Birthday Week, as it's not important what day I turn the dial on another year come and gone.  

No spectacular Jaunty plans, although I do hope that I can take my actual birthday off.  It's the promise I always make to myself every year that I inevitably break, to take my birthdate off. But when it's the middle of the week, or in my case, I'll be heading on vacation soon, it's too easy to just treat it like any other day. But we shall see...

The thing I love about having a birthday is the little things. Maybe I can sleep in a little longer -- the Mister can make me coffee that morning and feed the dog! And who doesn't love the free scoop of ice cream at 31 Flavors that we always looked forward to at every birthday? In a social media-riddled universe of self-obsession, sometimes what makes your special day so special is how quiet and unassuming it can be, focusing on only the things that make you happy. In my case, it will be spread across the week, so I look forward to ice cream scoops, sleeping in a little later, and maybe a stroll through my favorite shop for something special. Sure, we can do these things any day, but when it's your birthday, it feels like your own personal holiday.

Jaunty Fine Print: photo by Denise Sakaki

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