Say what you will about Facebook and social media, but I was so very inspired by the outpouring of visual support for equal marriage rights on people's profile photos over the last week. Who would have thought a little square could say such volumes? And more than anything else, I was inspired by the creativity people took in not only showing support, but personalizing their support, whether it's through pop culture memes, bacon and booze and the symbols of love. Cheers to you, everyone!  

Apologies if I'm not linking/crediting/labeling who did what (feel free to call out credits in the comments area below) -- frankly, the problem with social media is its ease of sharing and re-sharing material -- the main point is, the degree of individuality over how this message of support is being expressed is as American as it gets. We are all Americans, we are all individuals. We came from different places, cultures and upbringing, and so it should be noted that when such singular voices act in solidarity over the support of something so simple as Equality, it's at least worth listening to the people telling their stories. 

It's a little sad that equality has to be such a hard-won battle, but that doesn't mean it's not worth fighting for.

Jaunty Fine Print: images from Facebook

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