We read magazines and websites about trends and what the Next Big Thing is, but at the end of the day, the best recommendations always come from people you know. I was introduced to the beautiful handmade pieces of Omerica Organic by way of blogger friend, Rachael White, who just kicked off her tasty new blog, Set the Table. Check it out, if you haven't already given it a peek! I was immediately drawn in by Omerica Organic's beautiful use of wood in their jewelry and accessories. They really celebrate it as a material, it's not used incidentally or as a texture backdrop to other materials, the beautiful wood grain is accentuated in each piece. It makes every item one of a kind. Even when the wood is colored, you don't forget what the piece was made from, and wood has a natural warmth and tactile quality as a material.  As their website says: Wood is Good.

 I also love their eco-mindfulness in the production of each custom made-to-order piece -- it's a cool workshop in Denver, Colorado, where the business practices include planting trees to offset their product consumption, they use recyclable packaging whenever possible, purchase wind energy for the workshop, use natural cleaning agents, and just do whatever they can to keep their carbon footprint as small as possible. Mother Nature would approve of these accessories. 

I had to share some of the favorite items from their site -- there's a lot more, but these were the darlings that caught my Jaunty eye. The Bird pendant -- of course! How could I not adore that, in all its Put-a-Bird-on-it/Portlandia glory. Their pendants come in bronze or silver, and I think the bronze really highlights the wood, especially on the Reuseable coffee cup pendant, which makes me crave a latte every time I see it. The separate Lock and Key pendants are precious -- ideal for best friends or sweethearts. The wood rings are so simple and beautiful; they would be gorgeous if worn stacked, with different thicknesses. The belt buckle makes an eco-elegant statement, and I could see both ladies and fellas wearing it with ease. And the Snap Trap-designed plug -- that's just Seattle/video game geek perfect. I know so many gamer friends who would adore that. All the pieces strike a nice balance of sweetness and edginess. It's accessories and adornments for both men and women. 

Definitely check out Omerica Organic's beautiful site to browse their other pieces, and definitely check out more details about the items listed here: {1} Lock pendant in bronze/Vera wood, {2}Key pendant in bronze/Pink Ivory wood, {3} Reusable pendant in bronze/Pink Ivory wood, {4} Initials pendant in silver/Osage Orange wood, {5}Bird pendant in bronze/cross grain Bloodwood, {6} Cocobolo buckle, {7} Ring, average band width in Wild Olive wood, {8} Snap Trap, limited edition plug with Pink Ivory, Osage Orange and Blue Mahoe wood inlays and etched details. 

Jaunty Fine Print: images from Omerica Organic website

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