The Birdy hopes you partook of your right as an American citizen and voted today. I honestly don't care who you voted for, just that you did your part to be heard and appreciate the hard-won right you have to vote in every election, because I guarantee someone had to fight for your right to be heard as a citizen. The least we can do is do our duty and get that nifty "I Voted" sticker.

The most important thing to remember is no matter what candidate or cause the votes favor -- both nationally and on a local level -- we make the effort to stay strong, work towards unity, and be civil. That's been a difficult thing to do these last months. I haven't been happy with either sides of the political spectrum, to be honest, it's been a truly brutal time. But I think something to remember is, no matter what happens, we still have to wake up the next morning, work and live alongside everyone, just the same as before. Just because you don't agree 100% with someone doesn't change the fact that you are friends or family, and that you come together on the things that matter. Whatever happens, let us continue our commitment to look ahead, because we're all still on the same journey, and the destination can never be a nation divided.  

Jaunty Fine Print: graphic by Denise Sakaki

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