BOO! Early Halloween wishes from the Magpie!! The Birdy is flying the coop Halloween week for a family visit/birthday bash gathering, but I couldn't let the most fantastic of holidays go without a proper Macabre Magpie Mood post!

There are so many incredible jewelry artists out there. And regardless of the All Hallow's Eve season, these pieces are perennial beauties with an edgy, cool vibe. These pieces were chosen for their sense of character as well as wearable elegance. Granted, they're not for the style-timid, but really, aren't we all warriors at heart, as we battle the challenges of each day? We should wear our fashion fierceness like ancient talismans, bestowed with the strength of those stylish souls who came before us. If nothing else, you'll be sure to get some compliments and "oh wow!" comments by wearing any of these bold pieces.

Conjured from the Magpie's crystal ball of ghoul-ery jewelry: {1} Silver and Bronze Perfume Amulettes by Talon, {2} Wicked Tentacle Ring by OctopusME! Designs from the Abyss, {3} Hunting Man gold pendant by Gisele Ganne, {4} Rose Gold Tarsier Necklace by Violet Darkling, {5} Sharks Tooth Bangle by Beau and Arrow, {6} Tooth and Bone Ring Set by Species by the Thousands, {7} Nail Triangle Ring from GWAAN

Jaunty Fine Print: items from shops listed above - Happy Halloween!

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  1. These accessories are AWESOME! I would love to wear these to the office with my business clothes... to spice things up a bit (but hopefully not get in trouble.. haha)!

    Thanks for posting!


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