She goes by so many names and has an impressive resume of skills bordering on magic powers, but the most common title she's known as, is simply: Mom.

She could make bad days go away with cookies and milk. She always knew to cut off the sandwich crusts without us having to ask. She could heal a skinned knee with as much kindness as mending a broken heart. There are a million and one ways she managed to make the day a little better, and she asked for nothing in return.

Even in our selfish times, when we would get angry and say things we didn't mean but would forever regret -- she always held her ground, and never held those regrettable things against us. Because she knew. She was there at one point of her life, and she understood. She taught us what it meant to take the high ground and pick one's battles. She knew the most important lessons we would have to learn for ourselves, and she would always be waiting with a tissue and a hug when the hard lessons were learned. 

Whether we were mighty kings and queens or feeling the weight of the world pressing down on us, she always looked at us the same, always proud. The love of a mother is a profound thing, and we are incredibly blessed to have experienced it in our own unique ways. With any luck, we will pass along this nurturing love to someone else. So this weekend, make sure to celebrate Mom for all the things she's done and the sacrifices she's made. And don't wait for just one part of the year, tell her as many times as you can how amazing she is, and how much you love her. Happy Mother's Day, Mom.   

Jaunty Fine Print: Illustration by Denise Sakaki

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