Not everything has to be cutting-edge or with a wild and crazy look. Fashion can still be functional and there's nothing wrong with celebrating casual looks. I think about this when I look through my favorite magazines -- it's all glamorous times on red carpets or swanky parties, but let's face it, neither the celebrities nor us mere mortals live like that 100% of the time. How does one navigate through the day looking casual, fashionable and (gasp) comfortable?

The Magpie doesn't care that this Inspired photo is from Ye Olde Year of 2009. I ripped this photo from the pages of InStyle and kept it in my Crazy Hoarder Scrapbook, I loved it so much! I look back on it now and I still fawn over the feminine-sweet pairing of basics that actress Keri Russell is wearing. Of course Felicity would wear this!! (Team  Ben, by the way.) I liked the combination of thin, layered separates and oh-those-shiny-Oxfords! It was one of the early photos that convinced me I needed to have a pair for myself.

And so, even a couple of years later, the Bird remains Inspired by an everyday, casual outfit, which honestly is so comfortable, you could just live in it. It's nowhere near as grubby as being in a slouchy tracksuit all day, wouldn't you agree? We don't have to be dressed like we're going to meet the Queen, just be presentable, with a little bit of fun. From the Jaunty Wardrobe: jeans from Old Navy, striped button shirt from Express, pink argyle cardigan from Forever 21, pink sleeveless undershirt worn beneath all that (not shown), brown Oxfords from Steve Madden, Champagne cork necklace made by the Magpie.

Jaunty Fine Print: Items from the Jaunty Wardrobe photographed by Denise Sakaki, Keri Russell image from InStyle

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  1. What a perfect casual outfit! It's funny, I actually just rewatched all the Felicity's on Netflix while on sick leave. I forgot how fun that show was and how timelessly stylish Kerry Russell is on it.

    I'd LOVE to see that Crazy Hoarder Scrapbook ;)


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