The most flattering look on anyone is one of being well-rested and relaxed. The Birdy has done plenty of Mood posts about clothing trends, popular colors, even a sparkly ruffle or three. But how about a Mood dedicated to the things that will bring a bit of serenity to one's self, as well as a touch of indulgence?

These are all the things I admire, but never think to buy for myself. Fancy bath salts and soaps, super plush and fuzzy spa slippers, even a fancy robe that only I'll see and enjoy. Why not lavish a little of this on ourselves now and then? And when's the last time you bought yourself an orchid? These are not generally on the weekly grocery list. And maybe they should be, just for no other reason than the last person on our gift-giving list is often ourselves.

To get in a Jaunty Mood of luxurious relaxation: {1} Ole Henriksen Rub n' Buff Salt Scrub from Sephora, {2} Canary-Print Robe by Bedhead from Neiman Marcus, {3} Silver Celebration orchids from 1-800-Flowers, {4} Big Blue bath bomb by Lush, {5} Vanilla and Fig Illume Boulangerie candle from Anthropologie, {6} Acorn Spa Slide Slipper in pink from Nordstrom, {7} Printed and Folded Soap in Japanese peony from Anthropologie

Jaunty Fine Print: photos of items from the shops listed above - say "ahhhhh." Now relax.

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