Do you appreciate the value and power of a dollar? It sounds like something your mom or dad would have said, but the phrase rings true to this day. For every large mega-business that's operating today, they all had to start out with that first dollar they earned, and that goes the same for small, independent businesses. Even if they don't want to become mega-sized, it all comes down to that one little dollar. So why not have a children's book that's about the journey of that one dollar as he travels through the community, from small purchases to helping to build small businesses?

Let me introduce you to Bucky the dollar bill. He was created by my friend Lisa Nakamura, a celebrated chef in the Pacific Northwest, an active voice in the food community, and most importantly, a small business owner. She is the owner and head chef at Allium on Orcas and its little sister shop that serves sweets and ice cream, Lily. The community of Eastsound on Orcas Island is just like the town in her book, it's full of people who love and take pride in their home town and want it to thrive. She wrote Bucky as a way of illustrating the concept of the Spread it Around theory; it's about doing what you can, even if it's just a few dollars here and there, to support your local shops and really invest in your community. 

I was grateful for the opportunity to bring Bucky to life through drawings throughout the book, and it was nothing short of magic to finally see Bucky and all his adventures be brought to life on a printed page. This book is meant to be shared with children and grownups alike. The story is funny, sweet and heartfelt -- you'll be inspired to seek out ways you can be more involved in supporting the city you live in. 

Get a copy of Bucky the Dollar Bill today, and keep the movement going for the little dollar who's making a big change.

Jaunty Fine Print: book illustrations by Denise Sakaki - buy your copy of Bucky today!!

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