The Bird is all about dressing-up the dressing-down, and vice-versa. Take a really basic, casual set of everyday clothing and throw in a wild card, like some metallic gold heels. Cargo pants and heels are one of my favorite pairings and the theme of today's Inspired post. It instantly elevates something rumpled and slouchy and the heels make the outfit look intentional. It's not a barrier-breaking fashion pairing, but something I consider one of the new Modern Classics. You won't be embarassed or look behind the times for wearing this look from season to season, and for more casual-friendly offices, it's a way to mix things up.  

These days I'm more interested in relaxed, everyday wear. I think it's sometimes the most difficult thing to dress for, avoiding the "weekday uniform" look, where you're wearing the same t-shirt and jeans every day. This is something I'd wear out for a relaxed lunch with friends -- no muss, no fuss, but still put-together. Pulled from the Jaunty Wardrobe: jeweled cardigan from Ann Taylor, purple cotton shirt from JCPenney, cargo pants from Express, gold metallic peep-toe heels from Steve Madden, slouchy brown shoulder bag from La Redoute, silver heart pendant from Tiffany and Co.

Jaunty Fine Print: Inspired image from J.Crew, Jaunty Wardrobe photo by Denise Sakaki

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