This Bird is headed to the dry, dusty lands of Nevada again, to spend time with a BFF who lives right in Sin City, as well as to meet up with some Jaunty family who were also in need of a break. So to mark this desert landscape, neon-glow Mood, here's a photo I took on the trip I took last year, a little glimpse of Old Vegas, versus the shiny, sparkly, biosphere-like New Vegas.

Have no fear, this Bird will be back soon enough, posting away next week and hopefully sharing some new photos of the latest trip, although I'm considering not taking my giant camera. Professional-looking cameras and Las Vegas casinos don't mix so well and after all, this is a vacation -- even a Birdy needs to travel light and relax now and then. So here's to the saying: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

Jaunty Fine Print:  photo by Denise Sakaki

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  1. Love this. If you like photographing neon lights, Vegas is the place. I actually prefer photographing than the gambling...saves me lots of $ and I come home ahead with pictures to share.



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