Better to be late to the party than not show up at all. At least that's what this Birdie says. I've been a Pinterest-lurker for a while, usually seeing what other people put together on this wonderful online mood board network of favorite things. It's like Hoarding 2.0, but instead of collecting ridiculous quantities of stuff in your house, you just do it on the internet. Kind of a better solution, no? So, despite being very late to the Pinterest-Party, please welcome the Magpie to the next level of Social Media Craze and check out the Jaunty Magpie Pinterest page!

I actually think sites like Pinterest are a good thing because it whittles down the real desire behind what it means to collect versus consume. There are those who need to quantify their worth in the collection of physical things, or those who translate that desire to possess an object into theory by collecting the visuals which translate an idea. That conveys something about us as individuals, I think, how we surround ourselves with concepts. A single image can mean many things to different people, but placed in the context of other images under a "board" title in Pinterest, the meaning becomes more personalized. At least that explains why I have a ridiculous amount of quote-covered notebooks and prints with hopeful sayings in a board I titled "Dear God Just Keep Me Sane." I've got a few other boards I'm in different stages of "curating" on Pinterest, one of the main ones of course being "Classic Movies I Love," or "Magpie's Shiny Board." I also hope to have more added by the time this post is live -- I purposely waited a few weeks before saying, "I'm here!" on Pinterest, as your collections are only as good as what you collect! Since I've been more active, I've probably got about a dozen or so Boards going, so please check them out and Repin away!

I hope to see you on the Pinterest wall!

Jaunty Fine Print:  screencaps from the Jaunty Magpie Pinterest page

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  1. Well I joined the party but I haven't attended yet! I have been considering my posts...so very soon I hope to curate my first board. Thanks for introducing me to it.


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