Whew... another Christmas come and gone. And of course nothing says post-holiday like... sushi?? Call it a strange craving after so much rich holiday food, plus this Bird having a family of the Asian persuasion, it's customary to celebrate the new year with dishes from the sea. This is probably due to the fact that Japan is an island nation and most of their food came from the ocean's bounty. Maybe if they had lots of grazing land, they would be celebrating the new year with hamburgers.

This Bird clearly has sushi on the brain, so consider this a Mood in the raw, admiring all these fun and funky items that both celebrate the cuisine of Japan. The red dot dish is particularly useful, with the dipping area in the center and the wide lip to artfully display your food, and really, who doesn't want to keep their feet warm with a pair of sushi slippers? You know you want 'em: {1} Red Dot Dish from Crate and Barrel, {2} Sushi Slippers from Uncommon Goods, {3} Sushi Stapler from Paper Source, {4} Sushi Pillows from ThinkGeek, {5} Cold Sake Set by Khafu Japan

Jaunty Fine Print:  photos from shops listed above

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