What, 2011 already? Not so long ago, 2010 had arrived, a year full of promise and hope. The months flew by and before we all knew it, we're already in a wishful Mood thinking of what 2011 will bring.

This Bird always makes her own holiday cards and this year's design was inspired by both my own eventful year as well as of the friends around me. New babies, new jobs, new destinies awaiting fulfillment. This year was so full of promise amid challenging economic times and a changing landscape of where people had thought they would be in their lives. It felt like 2010 was the year of discovery, and so 2011 should be the year of action, to take what one has learned in the year before and put it to use, to achieve the things we always mean to do, but never take the time to do it.

This Bird felt fortunate to have been able to stay afloat as a freelance graphic designer, get a few things published as a food writer and photographer, but the most important thing about 2010 was that it granted the space of personal discovery. It wasn't about money or the acquiring of things, but learning to find a little peace of mind, which is the finest luxury I can think of.

Creative exercises like Project 365, making you take at least one photo a day, keeping up with blogging, and never letting a day feel wasted by making sure there was always something meaningful to do, even if it's as simple as cleaning the house -- learning to make everything matter. 2010 was an exercise in proof of life. Sure, there were exciting moments like shooting photos for Fashion Week or getting invited to special events, but I was happiest taking photos of small details, crafting gifts for friends and being able to really inhabit this life instead of running around looking for new ways to reinvent the world around me. I look forward to this discovery leading to more of the same in 2011, without the pressure of wondering what next big thing needs to happen. Not that this Bird is big into resolutions, but you could say mine is to allow the future to unfold gracefully.

Jaunty Fine Print:  illustration by Denise Sakaki

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