The Magpie scrapbooks, this is true. But let me clarify -- there are no decorative grommets, lattice-cut edges of family photos, or enough flim-flam fussy adhesive decor slapped onto an album page to make it weigh over a pound. The Jaunty Scrapbook is just a plain blank sketchbook that is starting to bulge from the pasted-on collage of imagery that is slowly filling the pages. The only special tools required is a pair of scissors and a small batallion of glue sticks, which I buy in bulk at the office supply store. This Bird goes through those things like they're going out of style!

I see an interesting photo in a magazine or catalog -- or even a funny scrap of paper -- and it gets saved for a rainy day when I can compose a little theme of imagery for each spread in the blank book. It's a sketchbook of possibilities and future inspiration. And it's an invigorating creative exercise to train the brain to gather imagery that doesn't necessarily match, but somehow "goes" together in a thematic way.   

What about  you? Do you have a way of organizing your thoughts and creativity in a collection of some sort?

Jaunty Fine Print:  photos by Denise Sakaki

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