Guess what this little Birdie has on her brain? Food, of course! And no, it's not just because when I'm not being distracted by shiny-shiny, pretty-pretty objects, I'm penning my food blog, Wasabi Prime (shameless plug), the simple fact is, food and cooking-related gifts are always appreciated!

The Jaunty Cook felt a Food Mood come on when browsing for gift ideas. For true food nerds, the latest gadget or gizmo would be peachy keen for the holidays, but what about those looking to spice up a drab kitchen or make cooking into less of a chore? Maybe a flirty apron that makes preparing a meal more dressy and less drudgery. Or a vintage-style red kitchen phone to add a bright pop to the one room that rarely gets much decor. Even having a supply of sweet treats for an impromptu party or an easy hostess gift is a handy thing to keep around. 

When you're looking for special gifts, think of items that a whole household can enjoy and benefit from! Items that brought on this edible Mood include: {1} Pig Cooking Lid from the MoMa Store, {2} Seat-of-Honor Bottle Openers from Anthropologie, {3} Crosley Classic Kitchen Phone from Urban Outfitters, {4} Tea-and-Crumpets Apron from Anthropologie, {5} Object Tea Towels from the MoMa Store, {6} Petite Bouchee Salted Caramel Gift Tins from Foodzie

Jaunty Fine Print:  images from shops listed above

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