Let it never be said this Magpie's Mama never taught her little birdie the value of good correspondence and just dropping a note in the mail now and then, especially to those who may not be hip to the email and interwebs. Tis the season to renew old fashioned habits like mailing a holiday greeting or three. It doesn't have to be a big chore or a list so hefty it requires a pre-written generic letter of "What the Magpie Did This Year." Pick a few favorite people, especially family or friends who you haven't spoken to in a while or don't use the computer much, and write a little note to wish them a seasonal greeting and a hearty wish of good tidings for the new year. There is nothing more heartwarming than getting a pretty card in the mail.

To make this salutation all the more Jaunty, I couldn't help but show off some beautiful cards from this Bird's favorite place to find really unique holiday sendables, the Museum of Modern Art Design Store, aka, the MoMA Store. Along with getting a little bit of thoughtfully designed cards that are truly gifts in and of themselves, every purchase supports the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. There's several family friends who purchase their cards from the MoMA Store and I always look forward to receiving their holiday greetings every December. I keep the cards because they are so beautiful, and along with them, I keep the kind thoughts and well-wishes of the senders.

Fancy a chance to send some artistic good cheer? Take a look at these pop-up, three-dimensional card designs that caught the Magpie's eye this holiday season: {1} First Day of Christmas by Teen Liu, {2} Snowman Party by Keisuke Unosawa, {3} Kaleidoscope Baubles by Peagreen, {4} Hannukah Lights by John McDonald, {5} Winter Vista by Peagreen

Jaunty Fine Print:  card images from the MoMA Store

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  1. Those cards are lovely. My parents keep trying to get me to make pen & inks for their entire mailing list...uncommissioned labor of course. ;)


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