Sometimes the best shop to find a gift is your inner creativity. This Bird recently had a meeting of the Jaunty minds, gathering with a few friends to pool our vintage junk drawer finds together, as well as pore through magazines and catalogs for holiday gift ideas and inspiration. With gluesticks and crafty tools in-hand, we cut and pasted our way a little closer towards coming up with thoughtful things to give to loved ones this year.

Having a little flock of creative Birds all together for an afternoon kept the ideas and holiday cheer going, plus the sharing of helpful tips. One of the Magpie's good friends is a frequent visitor to rummage sales where people often sell miscellaneous bags of broken costume jewelry. These are gold mines of potential, where you can often gather stray charms or centerpiece items that could be strung on chain or ribbon for new necklaces.

It was a nice reminder that the greatest gift is thoughtfulness and good intent. The next time you're browsing for a gift, think about a creative skill or craft you're good at, and consider making something for your loved one versus getting something store-bought.

Jaunty Fine Print:  photos by Denise Sakaki

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  1. Ooh, I see some real gems in there! That's a great idea- wish I could fly my favorite girls down to CA for a similar crafting party!


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