So the big question of the day is: Did you vote? The answer should, without question, be YES. You'll no doubt roll your eyes or complain how you're sick of how annoying the political ads are, blaming them for making you not want to vote, but this Birdy is stomping her little foot down and saying: ENOUGH WITH THE EXCUSES. Because there are none. There is no excuse not to vote. No time? Not able to get to the polls? Most states -- Washington in particular -- make it very easy to register for mail-in voting, so you get your ballot mailed to you ahead of time and can study up on the pamphlets and avoid all annoying ads and signs, making your choice in the comfort of your own home and quietly mail it off.

So what if it's local elections and not the big-whammy Presidential election (coming up soon, of course)? Local elections are even more vital for you to have your voice heard because those decisions affect you directly. Money for road projects that may affect your commute. Taxes that could affect your living expenses. If you have children, there may be school-related bonds up for a vote that may give or take away resources. By pretending it doesn't matter, you allow yourself to say you, your family and your own children aren't worth being considered. You gonna stand for those fightin' words?? Be counted. Be considered. It's your Jaunty duty to have your voice heard, regardless of who or what you vote for.

Sure, I'm sick of all the ads, pamphlets and door-to-door campaigning myself, but that doesn't change the fact that I realize not voting pays the biggest disrespect to so many who have fought with their very lives to establish the right and ability for all Americans of all backgrounds, conditions and gender, to have their voice be heard as citizens.

Jaunty Fine Print: information diagram by Denise Sakaki, voting rights information gathered from Wikipedia 

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