Design darling of the year, Issa, was behind this Inspired look, mostly because I saw this runway photo from this fall's London Fashion Week, and thought of an old printed wrap dress I've had forever. It was something I picked up on a clearance rack years ago and worn it season after season, but liked the layering idea with a turtleneck. And the push towards mixing patterns has been encouraging -- love how old fashion "rules" are getting thrown by the wayside and it's more about doing what suits you best.

To celebrate fall, the Bird is looking forward to wearing this pattern-filled combo, maybe for a cool cocktail at the end of the day: printed wrap dress (clearance rack find at JCPenneys - fancy!), suede boots from The Bay, gray purse from The Limited, brooch is vintage.

Jaunty Fine Print:  Jaunty Wardrobe photos by Denise Sakaki, runway photo from London Fashion Week

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