This Bird is taking a couple of weeks to fly, fly away and spend some time with family. Since I'll be off on this Jaunty Jaunt for a bit, wanted to wish everyone a happy and sugar-coated Halloween. May there be more treats than tricks! Even though I'll be gone, I still wanted to dress up Mr. and Ms. Magpie's nest with holiday decor. We've got bats in our belfry, to be sure -- a family of the little guys are danging in front of our living room window, and a few have taken roost in a big metal cage for our gothy fall dining room centerpiece. Meanwhile, the little jack-o-lanterns stare with open mouths and blank stares...

See you all soon, and please visit all the friends of the Jaunty Magpie -- their sites never cease to inspire this Bird!

Jaunty Fine Print: photos by Denise Sakaki

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