A window shopping spree was afoot after seeing the trend of ruffled silhouettes showing up for this fall's collection of Jaunty fashion. These frilly delights are especially eye-catching for the fact that they can be girlish but strong. Structured fabrics like wool, suede and leather, and even metal, all contribute to pieces that take note of a body's curve, and the intelligence of a stylish mind. {1} Ruffle Neck Top by Geren Ford {2} Ruffle Ring by Evrydiki {3} Millitette Ruffle Front Belted Coat by Diane von Furstenburg {4} Ruffle Clutch by Botkier {5} Leather Gloves by J. Crew {6} Ruffled Skirt by Lanvin {7} Dillian by Christian Louboutin

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  1. Wow! Absolutely awesome finds!!! I luuuuuv that ring by Evrydiki!

  2. Great finds here! Love the cool ring by evrydiki!

  3. oh!!! love them especially the ring!!!

  4. Ruffly goodness! Crazy for the DVF coat..not to mention the killer CL shoes..ahhhh


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