No white after labor day? Call this Bird a rebel in white, then. I know there are usually a couple of images to represent a particular look or trend, but this Inspire was particularly fixated on the September issue of Lucky Magazine, in a spread called 40s Modern, which I quite liked. The photos featured several different classic looks, but then added a bit of a modern nod, whether it was a surprising pop of color or an asymmetrical cut. My beady, Jaunty eye caught sight of the white skirt combined with the printed tights and it was love. Classic silhouette and cut, but with a bit of irreverence. The Jaunty Wardrobe was shopped through, and this was the result of the inspiration.

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  1. That's a great look, I just love the tights and I want that bag. Great post!

  2. Wow. All those stylish items you already own. Shopping your closet is so much more affordable than say, J Crew!


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