I know it was a while back, but seeing as how October is coming up and people start thinking of Halloween costume inspirations, this seemed appropos. This Bird spent a day taking photos at the Penny Arcade Expo, aka PAX, several weeks ago. Celebrating its tenth year giving video game fans a chance to dust off that Mario and Luigi costume set, I decided to set forth and capture some of the costumed fans who wanted to truly immerse themselves in their nerdly love of games. 

Who wants some?! Fighting in the real and virtual world.

Shhh.. Yoda is napping Sleepy Jedi master and a pair of Bros on the lookout for Princess Peach and a Koopa or two.

What, this is my normal outfit! Just another pointy eared day at work, getting a latte

Better than a Sears Portrait It's a holiday photo card waiting to happen, no?

Rock My World...or else Put me on the best-dressed list or face the consequences

Better than Prom Who needs a corsage, really?

May the Force Be With You  And don't lightsaber someone's eye out.

Jaunty Fine Print: photos by Denise Sakaki, thanks to all the nice people who posed and the ones who didn't even know I took their photo

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